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Newfoundland and Labrador Honey Bee Products

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Many beekeepers in Newfoundland and Labrador sell honey, wax candles, propolis, balm, and other products. Although not formally certified organic, these products are free of the miticides and antibiotics used in Mainland North America to combat a number of pathogens, pests and diseases. We expect, too, that traces of pesticides are minimal given the lack of widespread industrial agriculture in the province.

Here is a preliminary listing. Contact them directly to find out where their products can be obtained.


Baccalieu Trail Wildflower Honey



Bee MA Honey


 Bonavista Gold Stamp Honey




 Cormack Bee Company (709) 765-0345


Exploits Meadow Farms


Four Cousins Honey



  • Newfoundland Bee Company

Paradise Farms


 Tucks Bee Better Farm




 If local honey is in short supply, then please buy Canadian honey only.  This way you can avoid the problem of honey adulteration which is a very serious problem.




In July 2019, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency published a report on adulterated honey sold on Canadian store shelves. Click here to read the report.

Ron Phipps writes much about this report in his September 2019 article in the American Bee Journal re. "International Honey Markets" (Sept. 2019: 982).  Here's some of what he has to say about the CFIA report:

"This was the first official report in which NMR testing, based on the Bruker database of 19,000 samples, was used. The sources of adulterated samples included India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Turkey, Myanmar, Australia, USA, Germany, Thailand, Israel, Greece, Taiwan and others....Even though a more thorough investigation of adulteration, as is now possible and advocated, could have increased by two or three multiples the amount of adulteration found, this report has sent shockwaves which are still reverberating."


Adulterated honey is a serious problem that shags up beekeepers all over the Western World. Again, here's Ron Phibbs - "The crisis [re. apiculture] is not merely that honey adulteration has led to a collapse in honey prices, but it has also created 'dead inventory' of authentic honey in the hands of beekeepers in North America and the international beekeeping community. Collapsed prices and dead inventories represent a duality of problems caused by adulteration and fraud. It is this duality which endangers beekeepers."

We here in NL can help fight honey adulteration and fraud by asking all our retailers (Loblaws, Sobeys, Coleman's, Costco, Walmart, and others) to sell only authentic honey, and preferably honey that is 100% Canadian.


 Interested in selling honey?  There are labelling regulations you must follow if you want to.  See this section of our website for more information -