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Honey bee swarms

Help! I’ve got a swarm of bees in my yard!*

Don’t panic. Just call a local beekeeper. In the Avalon Peninsula region,  you can contact J Bee Snellen at BeeGone for help - text or call 709-730-3656 (see more below).  Note that he will only remove honey bee swarms if it can be safely done. You may still need to call a pest control professional if the insects turn out to be wasps or some other creatures or if the situation is too complex. 

Do you have a swarm? Are you sure?

A swarm will move as a big cloud of thousands of bees, buzzing very noisily. They will settle on something (usually a tree, but it could be anything, even open ground). When they do, they will form a solid mass of bees about the size of a football and sometimes much larger. Sending a photo through your smart phone is a quick way to help identify the problem.

What is a swarm?

A swarm is a group of settler bees, heading out to find a new home. They are a natural part of how bees have survived for millions of years. There will be a queen at the centre and thousands of female workers around her. In addition, hundreds of other bees will be acting as scouts. They fly out to find a suitable cavity to build the new hive in and report back. Is a swarm dangerous? Can I get stung? Not usually, but yes possibly. A swarm is much more interested in finding a new home than in stinging you. And normally the bees are gorged on honey and quite calm. But they get testy if they have been out in the open for a few days. So it’s better not to get too close.

What Does a Swarm Look Like?

These pictures illustrate what a honey bee swarm may look like at rest.




Bumble Bees

Note: Bumble bees never swarm. If you have a bumble bee nest that is causing problems, we encourage you to live and let live because they are valuable wild pollinators. If you cannot tolerate them for good reasons of your own, contact J Bee Snellen at BeeGone for advice and possible assistance.

*the source for the above swarm background information is based on information on the Capital Region Beekeepers' Association (Victoria, B.C.) website.

Swarm capture

Got a swarm of honey bees on your property?  You're sure these are honey bees and not yellow-jackets, wasps, leafcutters, bumble bees, mason bees, or some other insect?  See

Hold on! Please don't nuke 'em with spray! We have swarm removal services on the Avalon Peninsula that you can avail of.


J Bee Snellen at BeeGone  

No charge for a swarm capture (the honey bees are the reward). However, if extraction from a building is required, and carpentry is involved, BeeGone can be retained for the carpentry at a fee. There are usually a significant number of visits involved where trap-out is required, so expenses/fees must be negotiated with BeeGone. Cell 709-730-3656. Call or text.