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Inventory of honey bee forage

On the Island of Newfoundland

This page is a work in progress. This is a photo inventory of plant species that honey bees have been seen foraging upon on the Island of Newfoundland. 

If you have a photo of a honey bee foraging for nectar, pollen, or propolis, please submit it to  Also, please report errors of identification, etc. to this email address.

We don't need a zillion photos of each forage species.  However, good quality photos are in order.  If there's a better one available than what's already on the website, we'll replace the inferior one.

Criteria for photo selection include:

1. honey bee must be visible on or near the forage species (proof)
2. clear image
3. image file size <2 mb
4. common and scientific names of forage species provided
5. date and time that the photo was taken provided
6. location that the photo was taken
7. domesticated or "wild" forage species
8. enough of the plant in the photo to facilitate identification (stem, leaves, flower).

IMPORTANT!!! Some of these are highly invasive species and should not be spread to your forage areas, even if they are superb nectar and pollen sources.

Updated 17 September 2018

Domesticated plant species are listed here

Wild plant species are listed here