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Our aims are to:

  • facilitate communication and cooperation among NL beekeepers and other interested persons;
  • promote protection and preservation of NL honeybees, in particular their current status as free of diseases and pests such as Varroa destructor, etc.;
  • promote protection of bee ecosystems in NL including that of native/wild pollinators;
  • promote effective beekeeping practices by educating members and the general public;
  • promote the expansion of beekeeping in NL;
  • provide a voice for NL beekeepers in communications with governments, the NL Federation of Agriculture, beekeeping associations elsewhere in Canada, etc.;
  • systematically monitor beekeeping productivity, honeybee health, and other matters of relevance to bees and beekeeping in Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • promote scientific research that will support the activities outlined above.